Chapter Twenty: A Winter of More Changes

I was very careful to make sure that Allison didn’t land on the floor as I could no longer get her up by myself. Accidents do happen, however. One time when she fell, Yvette and I could not get her up and Yvette’s husband Charlie came to assist. Allison’s physical therapist ordered a hoyer lift which only seemed to frustrate us all. It was just not easy to use.

By January 2016 travelling with Allison became nearly impossible. Going to doctor appointments was no longer feasible. We were referred to Dr. Kevin Costello, a PCP who only made house calls. He squeezed us into his schedule and started visiting every few months. He admitted that he had never seen an HD patient but was willing to try with the guidance of Dr. Rosas.  Winter came to a close with no notable crises.